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Edition 43 | 5 November 2014

Pros and cons of geared SMSF investing

There is a trend in Australia towards self-managed superannuation funds opting for geared property investments. While there is no reason why gearing shouldn’t be used inside super, it needs to be part of a properly formulated investment strategy as the risk of things going pear-shaped are quite real.


Australian mining and energy conference

Gain unbiased and unparalleled insights that will inform your business decisions and help shape your company's future. Some of the key topics include ATO's insights and perspectives, an insight into Queensland's resource sector, tips for securing finance in the natural resources loan market and revolutionising energy storage.

FBT essentials workshops – know your obligations and minimise your payments

Learn how to make the most tax-efficient choices for your organisation. These comprehensive workshops will provide you with the latest changes in fringe benefit tax (FBT), step-by-step guidance through the latest legislation as well as detailed exercises. Choose from five workshops including FBT fundamentals, cars and car parking, entertainment, smart solutions for salary packaging and relocation for employees.

Improving productivity in your organisation – new workshop

Discover new ways to improve productivity in your team via this engaging workshop which includes case studies to demonstrate how to identify and overcome productivity challenges.

Managing strategic finance initiatives – new workshop

Learn how to manage strategic finance initiatives of all sizes and deliver them on time and budget.

Business critical conversations – workshop

Are you having a hard time getting your message across? Are you struggling to understand and overcome communication barriers? This workshop will help you to creatively and assertively resolve difficult situations with managers, clients, suppliers, direct reports and key stakeholders.

Business valuations – workshop

Learn to calculate the value of a small-to-medium sized entity (SME), analyse different valuation methods, and explain the impact of negotiation on final valuation.

Grow your business with effective communication – workshop

This course will help you increase the effectiveness of your communication by providing you with practical tools and strategies. Be empowered to build enduring and trusting relationships that help you achieve ambitious goals.

An introduction to doing business in China – luncheon

China is the largest emerging market, and Australia's most important trading partner, taking about a quarter of Australian exports. If you want to succeed in the Chinese market, it is imperative that you take the time to comprehend the Chinese culture and business practices. If you need to do business in China, then this session is a must for you.

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